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Rapture Biotech is a bioservices company which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Chemo-informatics, Agro-informatics
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Biotech/Pharma Summer Training Program - 2014


7th Biotech Short term training Program - Registration Open


Short and long term training sessions (Duration: 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 45 days and 2 months)

Rapture Biotech Noida organizes summer/ winter training program each year to enhance hands on practical knowledge of life sciences students.  

This Program is designed for all the students, scholars who wish to understand the basics of bioinformatics and various domains linked to bioinformatics/biotechnology. The Program is designed so as to create basic level of expertise in Bioinformatics/biotechnology domain so that the candidate can answer the demands of the life-sciences industry focusing on bioinformatics research.

Basic Camp

Bioinformatics (WEEK 1) - Basic of Bioinformatics, Cancer Drug Discovery, Data and Text Mining, Pair Wise Sequence Alignment BLAST/ FASTA, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Identification of Conserved Elements, Basic Project etc.

Microbiology (WEEK 2) – Basic of Microbiology, Sterilization techniques, Solid and Liquid media preparation, Various plating and inoculation methods, isolation of pure colonies, Identification of microbes etc.

Plant Tissue Culture (WEEK 3) – Plant tissue culture (basics), Sterilization techniques, Standard safety procedures, Media preparation for tissue culture, Inoculation of explants, Callus culture, Meristem culture, Root culture, GLP etc.

Molecular Techniques (WEEK 4) - Sterlization techniques, Chromatin electrophoresis, Prepration of different media, Extraction of bacterial DNA from animal tissue, extraction of bacterial DNA from plant tissue.

Fees: - 3000/ -, 4500/ -, 6000/-, 7000/- INR                                                  Duration: - 15 days, 21 days, 30 days, 45 days

Registration Fee - 1500 Rs.

Advance Camp

Bioinformatics (WEEK-I) - Introduction, Biological databases-NCBI ,DDBJ etc, Sequence similarity, Pairwise sequence alignment, BLAST/FASTA, Multiple sequence alignment-Clustal W, Drug designing, Phylogenetic analysis etc

Herbal drug formulation (WEEK-II) - Basics concepts of Herbal drugs, Preparation of standardized extracts, Standardization of multiherbal formulation, Safety of herbal medicine, Efficacy of herbal medicine.

(Pharmaceutical & Clinical) microbiology (WEEK III) - Endotoxin test, MIC Tests, testing of antibiotics, sterile testing of Injectables, bioassay of vitamins, MIC Determination, ESBL detection, blood culture & analysis, isolation of microflora from sputam.

Plant Tissue Culture & Agroinformatics (WEEK IV)Selection of explants, cutting methods, physical & chemical sterilization techniques, callus & meristmetic culture, root culture, GLP, Introduction of Agroinformatics

Molecular Biology (WEEK V)-- Extraction and electrophoresis of histone, Amplification of DNA using PCR, Purification and seperation of Protein through SDS page, Isolation of protein from biological sample, isolation of protein from animal tissue.

Immunology (WEEK VI) - Staining of blood , Estimation of Protein From Lowry assay, Protein assay from Bradford method, Active enzyme purification and seperation from native page, Haemoglobin testing of Blood.

Fees: - 7500/ - Rs, 9500/- Rs.                                                Duration: - 30 days, 45 days

Registration Fee: - 1500/ - Rs.


ADVANCE CAMP (Genetic Engineering)

Major Topics - Bacterial DNA isolation, Plant DNA isolation, Plasmid isolation, RNA isolation, Competent cell preparation, Transformation, SDS Page, DOT Elisa, Electrophoresis, Blotting techniques (Southern, Northern),Various chromatography techniques, Qualitative characteristic of cell culture, Good cell culture practices, Sterility maintenance & media filtration, Maintaining cell culture lab, Cell culture techniques for culturing cell lines, Maintenance of cell lines, Cell quantization & examination, Sub culturing of monolayer culture, Detection of contamination etc.

Fees: - 10500/ - Rs.11500/ - Rs.                                                  Duration: - 30 days, 45 days

Registration Fee: - 1500/ - Rs.

Helpline no - 09910181655,09027326396


Persons having a B.Sc. / M.Sc./ B-Tech/ M-Tech/ B.Pharma/ M.Pharma in Biotechnology,Bioinformatics, Medical Science, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Medicine and other relevant Qualification in the respective areas are eligible.

Doctors, Computer professionals, R&D Scientist having Graduation, Post graduation and PhD qualifications are also encouraged to apply for the Program. Highly motivated undergraduates in their final year may also apply.

Seats Available: 10 Seats ( For basic & Advance camp both)

Other Traning Modules
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Salient features:-
. Gain insight into the Biotechnology and Bioservice Industry.
. Get trained by Qualified and Experienced Professionals.
. Get trained in state of the art laboratory.
. Gain hands on practical experience.
. Work on projects with real world significance.
. Approved training certificate.
. Receive well structured course material.
. Assistance in international paper publication & poster presentation.

Accommodation Facilities:-

. Rapture Biotech is located at Noida (Delhi - NCR)
. High Speed Internet facility.
. Wi-fi Campus.
There are many separate hostels and paying guests’ accommodation facility available nearby 100 meters of radius. We are collaborated with 10-20 hostels and paying guests.  The students coming from places throughout the country will reside in nearby hostels and paying guests accommodation facilities that is easier, comfortable and safer for the students especially girl students.


How to Apply:-

.Step 1 - Download & print training registration form available at left hand side of each page.
.Step 2 - Completely fill registration form, attach a copy of your college identity card & a demand draft of Rs.1500/- (in favour of Rapture Biotech).

.Step 3 - Send it to " Rapture Biotech, D-201,Sector - 10, Noida -201301 Uttar Pradesh".


You can also apply online, submit registration fee at your nearest IDBI Bank branch in favour of "Rapture Biotech" Account no. - 0080102000036528, (Branch- Sanjay palace Agra).


You can also apply online, submit registration fee at your nearest SBI Bank branch in favour of "Rapture Biotech" Account no. - 32990283946, (Branch- Sector-11, Noida).

For any detail regarding training & complete course modules mail us - trainings@rapturebio.com

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