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Rapture Biotech organise job oriented training program in biotechnology, drug designing, bioinformatics and cancer drug discovery for B.Sc/M.Sc/B-tech/M-tech/B.Pharma students.
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Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Job Internship Program - 2014 (pursuing students)

Rapture Biotech each year organize Biotechnology Job oriented training programs for biotech students for recruitment and to provide indutrial exposure to trainees.
This Program is especially designed for Final year students, scholars who wish to understand the advanced aspects of bioinformatics, computational and various other domains linked to BioIT. The job internship program aims to provide conceptual aspect along insights of Bioservices sector. The purpose of this program is to recruit the talent at Rapture Biotech group company, 3S Biosolution; thereby the course is designed with a focuses on international market needs of Bioservices sector.
Bioinformatics Job/Dissertation Program 2014

Duration – 5-6 Months

The complete duration is divided into 5 training sessions of 120 Hrs each (6Hrs. a Day x 5 Days)

Session – I                                                                                       Duration -120 Hrs

Session mainly focuses upon basic skill in Bio-Statistics – Design and analysis of experiment, ANOVA,  Practical working on software tools Bingo / R/ BlockTreat/DAP,  Core concepts of Biochemistry , Bioinformatics (Basics), similarity searching using BLAST / FASTA,  Swiss PDB, Cell Designer etc., Various protein structure visualization tools, Drug discovery process and Pharmacology.

Session – II                                                                                  Duration – 120 Hrs.    

Session focus on Computational biology - Computers ( Algorithms, Hierarchical Neural Networking, BIOPERL), Bioinformatics computing, Systems biology and Bioinformatics, Ethical issues in scientific research, Microarray data analysis (Intro.), Proteomic  & metabolomic informatics  - tools based analysis, Regulatory network and pathway analysis.

Session – III                                                                                  Duration – 120 Hrs.

Session focus on Bioinformatics -Protein sequence, structure and function analysis, Bioinformatics programming database design and web resource development, Structural determination methods, Structural databases and visualization tool, Protein structure- function relationship, structure based drug design approach, Scientific writing, drug regulatory agencies (Intro.), Biosimilars, Clinical Trial- its various phases & analysis.

Session – IV                                                                                  Duration – 120 Hrs.    

Session focus on Omics and Systems Biology -  Analysis of Genomic sequence, Genome sequence assembly, gene finding, transcript mapping and comparative genomics, Phylogenetic analysis, Sequence alignment, Microarray experimental design and data analysis,  Regulatory network and pathway analysis, Omics data integration and mining, Systems biology, biomedical text mining and ontologies, BLOSUM50 scoring matrix.

Session – V                                                                                  Duration – 120 Hrs.    

Session focus on Management aspects – Biological Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO Insights), Service Legal Agreements, Project Management, International Online marketing research, SWOT analysis of biotech companies, Project report writing and Paper publication.


Students pursuing final year with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the area of life sciences including bioinformatics, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, zoology, botany etc. are eligible to apply.

No. of Seats: 15 Seats (on first come basis)

Biotechnology Job/Dissertation Program 2014

The purpose of Biotech Job internship program 2013 is to screen good talent to work with various field of biotechnology; the program is designed as per the current need of biotechnology industry. After the successful completion of program students will be placed at Rapture Biotech Research & Development division and other companies working on similar domains.

Research Title of the project are mentioned below: -

  1. In vitro examination of bacterial magnetosome (DBMs) as magnetic bio- nanoparticles for the replacement of exciting drug delivery carrier.
    Sample collection, dilution test, media preparation, pouring, inoculation, strain improvement, antibiotic study, biochemical testing, mortality testing, and Enrichment techniques , Preparation of magnetic nanoparticles, loading of drug, in vitro testing of drugs towards cancer cells treatment, statistic analyses
    Autoclave, laminar incubator, homogeniser, water-bath, RT-PCR, ultrasonic bath, trans-illuminator, desiccators

  2. Extraction and characterisation of proteins & preparations of magneto-liposome using in the chemotherapy and characterisation of the magnetoliposomes.
    Production of liposome, embedment of magnetic particles into liposome in membrane and aqueous phase, Cell dispersion protein isolation, purification
    Chromatography (HPLC), electrophoresis, blotting, screening, RAPD, RFLP, Centrifuge, incubator, SDS gel electrophoresis, blotting, HPLC

  3. To study the Application of Nanoparticles in Waste Water Treatment and Yamuna water.
    Technique and instrumentation-
    Topic cover Bioprocess engineering

  4. Characterization of Proteins from Leaves and Seeds: Relationship of Biomass and Seed Yield
    Technique and instrumentation-
    Leaf and Grain Protein Extract Preparations, Electrophoresis, Molecular Weight Determination, statically analyses chromatography

  5. Study and formulation of herbal drug for different human neurological disorder (Herbal Drug Formulation)
    Technique and instrumentation-
    Screening of plants & herbs, quantitative analysis of secondary metabolities, Screening of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Extraction by Clevenger, chromatography, filtration, purification, storage, packaging,


Students pursuing final year with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the area of life sciences including, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, zoology, botany etc. are eligible to apply.

No. of Seats: 5 Seats (on first come basis for each above topic)


Training Helpline No. 09910181655,9027326396

Registration fee: 1500/- Rs.

After the successful completion of Job internship program students will be recruited at our sister company on a salary package of 1.6 lakhs to 1.8 lakhs (per annum).

Visit - www.3sbiosolution.com for more details.

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How to Apply:-

.Step 1 - Download & print training registration form available at left hand side of each page.
.Step 2 - Completely fill registration form, attach a copy of your college identity card & a demand draft of Rs.1500/- (in favour of Rapture Biotech).

.Step 3 - Send it to " Rapture Biotech, D - 201 Sector 10 Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh".


You can also apply online, submit registration fee at your nearest IDBI Bank branch in favour of "Rapture Biotech" Account no. - 0080102000036528, (Branch- Sanjay palace Agra).


You can also apply online, submit registration fee at your nearest SBI Bank branch in favour of "Rapture Biotech" Account no. - 32990283946, (Branch- Sector-11, Noida).

* Prior conform the availability of seats before sending demand draft.

* Trainee can only enroll for a single project topic(mentioned above), registration for more than one topics will be cancelled.

For Biotechnology Job Training Program-2014- Click Here

For any detail regarding training mail us - trainings@rapturebio.com
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